May 23, 2024
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Top 10 Beaches in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island, therefore has beaches around the country. However for this particular article we have chosen specifically some amazing and popular beaches where travelers can enjoy their time with water to their heart’s content.

1. Unawatuna

Unawatuna Beach –

Out of all the Sri Lankan beaches, Unawatuna is one of the best out there. Its fame is not only limited to tourists but also spreads to local travelers. This beautiful calm blue sea water is not so far from the Galle town and other attractions in the city. Around the area many hotels and restaurants are available.

There are many choices for the guests around the beach; scuba diving at some parts of the beach guided by professionals and experienced divers in the area, snorkeling where you can observe the beautiful marine life and coral reefs, sunbathing in the southern sun and getting a nice tan for the skin, trying the local cuisine by the beach or if you visit during the season there will be sea turtles nesting along the beach.

2. Nilaveli

Nilaveli Beach –

The beach is only a few miles away from the town of Trincomalee, a district in the Northeast of Sri Lanka. Nilaveli beach has clear sea water and fine sand along the coast. The beauty of this attracts many travelers who are looking for a place to relax.

The hot sun will leave you with a nice tan while staying on the beach. 

Not only that, from the beach go to the Pigeon Island National Park. This is famous for its marine life, coral reefs of many kinds which adds to the value of the experience. If you are a nature lover and like exploring underwater, then visit the professional diving centers that will aid you in doing scuba diving. Some hotels and resorts along the beach are also attractive, so make sure to pay a visit while you are at the beach.

3. Beruwala

Beruwala Beach –

Beruwala beach is located in a safe bay, where the natural coral reef protects it from high waves and fast currents. The coastline is covered in beautiful yellow grainy sand. 

The resorts and hotels surrounding the area will provide a comfortable stay for the tourists. There are few common things to do like walking on the beach, watching the sunrise/ sun set and playing games on sand. Beruwala also allows the water sports lovers and nature lovers to go snorkeling, diving and surfing. You can also try water scooter rides.

4. Mirissa

Photo by Farhath Firows on Unsplash

Mirissa beach is another amazing beach which is located in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka, Matara district and the town itself is known as Mirissa.

Since you are in such an active town, begin your experience with the beach. Try to travel within the season of turtle hatching(December to March) ro else you can always enjoy the time along the beach with some sun on the skin.  Whale watching is also a highlight in Mirissa beach. 

Next, guests can enjoy some relaxation time in a spa in the area, try local cuisine in the restaurants, visit places like Parrot Rock Bridge and lastly, the night time enjoyment that some may need. There are a lot of beachside bars, hotels and restaurants behind those rows of coconut trees.

5. Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa Beach –

Hikkaduwa is a popular city between Colombo and Galle. The area is famous because of the wonderful sea that allows the guests to do a range of activities from just swimming to scuba diving and surfing.

The clear water of the ocean helps people to watch the coral reefs and the marine life underwater distinctly. There are boat rides for coral watching (these boats have a glass floor) or else snorkelling is available for those who wish to enjoy the beauty of it alone. 

The coastal area is very much suitable for the surfer to try their skills in the ocean. 

Also do not miss the delicious seafood served in the restaurants along the beachside. The spice packed local cuisine will be the perfect ending to your day at the beach.

6. Kalpitiya

Kalpitiya Beach –

Kalpitiya, a coastal town in Puttalam district  in North western Province of Sri Lanka. It is a collection of 14 beautiful little islands. Kalpitiya beach is a developing tourist attraction worthy of attention not only because of the calm waters and stretch of soft sand.

But it is also because of the possibility to go whale  and dolphin watching, swimming and to observe marine life. As it is yet to be completely dominated by tourism you can freely explore without being wary of being over crowded. There are boat rides, canoe rides, kayaking and snorkeling. Enthusiasts can  go swim to the large coral reef garden which boasts of the diversity in the sea water.

7. Pasikuda

Pasikuda Beach –

Pasikudah is in Batticaloa district, translated into “green algae bay”, in the northwest of the district. It is famed for its white sandy beach. Pasikudah can be considered as one of the picturesque beaches in Sri Lanka with its clear deep blue sea water. 

Guests will enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset from their rooms. Beach lovers who only wish to enjoy beautiful scenery in front of them without doing any activities would love this seaside. You can sip on a drink and lounge away in the sun, truly enjoying the holidays.

8. Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay Surfing –

Locally known as “Arugam Kudah” or “Arugam Bay” is another one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka and in South Asia. It is located on the Southeast Coast of the island. Arugam Bay has a great attraction to surfers and fishermen. The waves of the Indian Ocean at this part of the country are suitable for surfing. Season time: April to October.

The water is not exactly blue, but appears to be a mix between green and blue which creates a unique appeal for the travellers. You can relax and enjoy the sea breeze while laying down on the soft sand of the beach or while taking a stroll on the beach from one end to the other. As it is such a charming place many hotels, resorts, bars and restaurants can be found surrounding the beach area. Might also witness some migratory birds if you visit off-season.

9. Hiriketiya

Hiriketiya Beach –

Hiriketiya is not typically recommended for being a great attraction, but the reason is because not many have visited the beach and seen the beauty of this small beach. The shape of it can be compared to a horseshoe.The waters are clear in Hiriketiya, which makes it the perfect spot for a relaxing swim and the waves which suit a surfer’s attention.

It is located in Matara district, surrounded by a friendly neighbourhood, with a lot of greenery from the tall palm trees giving enough shade to be in cover without being burnt from the strong sunlight. There are few restaurants, boutique style hotels, craft shops and cafes being opened around the area to keep the guests entertained. It can be considered as one of the picturesque beaches in Sri Lanka.

10. Negambo

Negambo Beach –

Negombo beaches are on the Western part of the country and close to the airport. If you are someone who is exceptionally in love with the vibe around beaches Negombo beaches can be your last day or two stop. You can observe fishermen fishing in the seas. Compared to beaches like Miriss and Unawatuna, Negombo beaches are less crowded therefore, more peaceful. You can freely take a walk along the beach with your family and enjoy until the end of your stay.

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