May 23, 2024
Coast Destinations

Discover the Wonders of Hikkaduwa Coral Reefs

Hikkaduwa is a small coastal town in the southern province of Sri Lanka, known for its beautiful beaches and coral reefs. The Hikkaduwa coral reefs, in particular, are a major attraction for tourists and snorkelers, who come to see the vibrant marine life and stunning coral formations. The Hikkaduwa coral reefs are home to a

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Coast Things To Do

South Coast of Sri Lanka

The South coast of Sri Lanka has gained popularity in South Asia in recent years for being a great holiday retreat. The area covers from east of Galle to Hambantota. The sunny beaches filled with golden colored sand, clear waters of the ocean, water sports, historical sites and local cuisine are only a few famous

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Things To Do Coast

Things to do in Sri Lanka’s West Coast

West Coast of Sri Lanka includes cities from the commercial capital, Colombo towards Galle. In this article there are some cities, activities and destinations especially listed out for you who would like to explore Sri Lanka more than just visiting the tourist attractions of the country. When travelling through these cities, it will be visible

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