June 20, 2024
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Pinnawala Elephants Orphanage

Pinnawala Elephants Orphanage is located close to Kagalle in Sabaragamuwa Province, which is the only elephants orphanage in Sri Lanka. The main purpose of creating is to provide refuge to elephants who are injured and orphaned in the wild. This contains the largest herd of captive elephants in the world. By the time, there are 71 elephants, 30 males and 41 females from 3 generations. The aim of the orphanage is to simulate a natural habitat. But still there are some exceptions.
– the elephants are taken to the river twice a day for bath.
– baby elephants less than 3 years are still bottle feed.

Each and every elephant is watched carefully wuth a good attention. They all are treat in a same way. Each elephant will be provided a 2kg of food bag which contains rice and maize plus 76kg of green matter per a day. This is a place where both local and foreign tourists visits daily, so that the place is clearly maintained and have clean surrounding. Also specially, elephants are 100% clean and healthy.

Location and how to travel?

Pinnawala is located in Sabaragamuwa Province, Kegalle district in Pinnawala village. It is 90km from Colombo. You can reach there through Colombo to Kandy main road and turn off 82km towards Kegalle will lead you to Pinnawala Elephants Orphanage. And also by railway it is only 2km from Rambukkana.

Things to do in Pinnawala Elephants Orphanage

Actually visitors may wonder whether theu are only allowed to watch the elephants. NO! The visitors have the opportunity to observe the elephants bathing, you can bottle feed the baby elephants and also you can feed elephants with green matters. By engaging is these activities you can experience how they are tamed and trained though they were taken from the wild. Also they will show love towards you when you are touching them.


  • 08.30 hours – Open for the visitors
  • 09.15 hours – Bottle feeding
  • 10.00 hours – Herd leaving to the river
  • 12.00 hours – Return from the river
  • 13.15 hours – Bottle feeding
  • 14.00 hours – Herd leaving to the river
  • 16.00 hours – Return from the river
  • 17.00 hours – Bottle feeding

Accommodation around Pinnawala

f a person or a troupe planning to travel to Pinnawala, they can book a hotel or a resort near by to make their journey easy, to keep their luggages safe and stay night in a safe shelter. Some recommendations are;
01) Hotel Elephant Bay.
02) Villa Pinnawala and Restaurant.
03) Luck Uyana Cabana Pinnawala.
04) Elephant Reach Villa Pinnawala.
05) Elepath Lodge Pinnwala.

All mentioned above recommendations have good facilities like;
Luxurious and specious bedrooms with air condition, Wi-Fi, heavenly taste meals, stunning locations, caring and lovely staff, excellent service, cleanliness, safety, pool and many more.

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