May 24, 2024
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South Coast of Sri Lanka

The South coast of Sri Lanka has gained popularity in South Asia in recent years for being a great holiday retreat. The area covers from east of Galle to Hambantota. The sunny beaches filled with golden colored sand, clear waters of the ocean, water sports, historical sites and local cuisine are only a few famous things that have been mentioned many times.
If you are a backpack traveler or independent travelers the best way to travel around would be by a meter taxi, because the places you want to visit are already there in Google maps. However, if you are in the island through a traveling package a guide is probably around to show you the way. For the ease of the travelers some of it has been included in this article.


Mirissa is a small coastal town in the southern part of Sri Lanka. Beaches are the places to be when you are in Mirissa. These beaches are famous for adventurous water sport activities, exciting night time and as always for beautiful sunsets.

Get away from your jam packed schedules and spend a nice time on vacation in Mirissa. There is Mirissa Beach, the most famous beach in Mirissa. Water sport lovers can go snorkeling and surfing! Underneath the water there is the beautiful marine life, sea turtles and the coral reef. There are diving instructors around to accompany the tourists and travelers.

Then we also have the “Secret Beach”, it probably was a secret beach before many tourists began to come visit. The shore is filled with palm trees and other can snorkel around the area or just have a quiet time yourself while relaxing by the beach side.

The Coconut Tree Hill is one the frequently photographed destinations in Mirissa. 10-15 minutes away from the Mirisssa beach, you will reach the place and hike the mound through a private coconut farm. From the top of this hill you can have a panoramic view of the ocean and the sea. It will be nice to walk under tall coconut trees that are slightly swaying to the ocean breeze.

Whale watching is the biggest perk of tourism in Mirissa, because many locals and foreigners especially come to Mirissa for this. From the beginning of December until March, the period is most suitable because whales migrate from further south. During this season there are many boat rides available along the beach.


Tangalle is a large town in the Hambantota district.
Tangalle Lagoon is where you can observe plenty of marine life and bird species in the area. You will enjoy kayaking in the Lagoon. If you are a nature lover it will be a great experience.

Then, you can also visit Tangalle beaches; Medaketiya Beach and Tangalle Beach. The waters are deep blue and attractive. However, it is not recommended to swim in these beaches due to strong tides which is dangerous.

Near Tangalle, there is Bundala National Park. It is the very first Ramsar site in Sri Lanka. It is an internationally important wintering ground for migratory birds. Out of the many bird species the highlight is Greater Flamingo who migrates in large flocks. To observe the surroundings better, begin your day by a safari in Bundala. It is also a Biosphere reserve designated by UNESCO. Additionally there are other wild animals, elephants and crocodiles roaming around. The park has a dry zone climate which is common to the south of Sri Lanka.


Hikkaduwa is a town in the southern coast of Sri Lanka. There are several ways to spend time in this coastal town which is full of nice beaches, marine life, sandy shores with palm trees stretched along the way.

If you are not the type to be adventurous in the sea or feel like relaxing in some other ways, but also at the same time do not want to waste the trip we recommend taking boat rides. In Hikkaduwa, these boats have glass bottoms, which are completely see-through. This is a unique way you can explore the beauty under the water.

If you want to see all that coral reefs, fish, turtles and other ocean marine life go ahead and rent a snorkeling kit from the seaside. There are people who would give the boat ride to Hikkaduwa coral reef. While admiring its beauty please make sure not to step on the coral reefs as it damages the reefs.

Those who love surfing, but cannot do it all the time would love the days spent at Hikkaduwa beaches. There are professional divers and surfers somewhere around the shore. Go ahead and rent the equipment and suits, if you are a beginner they will give some quick lessons for beginners. The clear and consistent waters are perfect for a good surf.

Koggala Beach is another great place to relax and enjoy your time. Surfers would like this beach too. Similar to many beaches in the area, Koggala provides you with a scenic beauty with the sandy shores. If you want to try what those fishermen are doing by the beach, ask one of them to try stilt-fishing and they will give you a spot to try fishing. Away from the beach you might be interested to visit Martin Wickramasinghe Museum, one of the famous Sri Lankan Sinhala authors in history. Then there are Buddhist temples and Koggala lake too.

By the evening when you are tired Galle Fort is the best place to visit. There is the sound of waves crashing against the rocks. People are roaming the brightly lighted streets around the fort. There are restaurants and bars serving delicious both local and other cuisines. Try the seafood from one of these places. The vibe itself excites your mind. To properly have a visit around it is better to start exploring the fort by afternoon and then move to the shopping in the evening.


If you want more surfing at a different beach other than in Hikkaduwa, then visit Hiriketiya Beach. There are palm coconut trees surrounding the white sandy shores of the beach. Water is clear and suitable for surfers. Others can get a nice tan while relaxing on the beach or just swim and enjoy the time on the beach. It is special because this beach is curved. Meanwhile, do not forget to try the local cuisine from the nearby restaurants

Lunu Ganga

If you love learning new things, especially things like architecture, Geoffrey Bawa’s LunuGanga Estate. Bawa is a renowned architect of Sri Lanka and this is his country house. Walking through the estate and going into the house will definitely make you fall in love with the place. The landscaping, gardens, art and the interior of the country house will give off a mixture of architecture styles that is more than just one. Currently it is also being operated as a boutique styled hotel. It will definitely be worth the visit.

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